Oh my word – where did 2 weeks go?!

First off, you’ll be pleased to know I am still alive (sorry to those that are less pleased with this golden nugget of information).

I have however spent that long on YouTube and any other tutorial I can find to bring you all 😬 my new website, but no one told me you needed to be a flipping genius to figure it all out. I set out on this venture with one promise to myself – it wasn’t going to haemorrhage money. I don’t have that kind of spare cash and the money I also don’t have needs to do important things like life savings and investments (cough cough) – but primarily clothe and feed the tribe.

So despite “investing” 100% more than I had planned, I still dont have a fancy pants blog/website/income. BUT I am a firmly believer in fate, absolutely everything happens for a reason. I may not be able to openly accept just one religion, but there is most definitely a bigger player in all of this than just you, me and any other poor person who has these posts inflicted on them.

My new, fancy pants website of DREAMS is still a WIP. But, do you know what, that doesn’t really matter does it? “Success” and whatever that means to each of us, isn’t a tangible item, it isn’t money in the bank, or fancy cars on the driveway. It’s the sheer pride that comes from raising a family, remembering to buy the milk AND butter in one sodding trip or sitting in the sun wistfully dreaming about The May Have Beens, Should Have Beens and Going to Be’s. For me, success is simple:

Don’t Die

Live Life

Laugh Often

Love Always

And maybe if you could get me on that slightly coveted thing called The New York Times Bestsellers list I would appreciate it.

I Just need to finish this chuffing fancy pants (its not fancy) website before I can reattempt the already many reattempted manuscript. Writing for me is a lot like Hubs, it comes and goes at will, and is only productive when powered on a belly full of food. Add wine for maximum output. On that note, his highness is stirring so I best be off. Fancy Pants Website, New York Times Best Seller and yet more delightful waffle to come. But first food, after all, they do say you marry those who mirror you.

Breakfast – GET IN MY BELLY

Helen 🖤

We have survived Half Term

Actually, we have survived until the Friday of the Half term. So I potentially need to alter my title, but it wouldn’t be quite as catchy (because it’s ever so witty as it currently stands 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️) Hurrah to all parents who have made it! I hate to break it to you but the ever so, unnecessarily long Summer Holidays are just around the corner. In warm up for such a ridiculously long break from school we have argued/debated/cried over anything and everything. I have yet to understand how children can achieve a crescendo level of screaming in 10 seconds flat because someone used the wrong coloured rubber. Below are just a few examples of my thoroughly enjoyable half term:

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We survived…..

The house is still standing and so are we! An exceptionally busy few weeks in preparation of our Ten Year Wedding Anniversary, but it ended in great success. Well I hope it did anyway. There wasn’t another thing I could have done to make the party go any different/better, the effort I put in was every ounce I have. My tribe of small people made me so very proud. They worked their little socks off too, and I am so privileged to have people with such huge hearts that call me Mama.

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Ten Years On

Ten years ago today, I hadn’t slept a wink. I was nervous, excited and downright terrified. In a matter of hours I was going to be a wife. As is tradition, I stayed with my amazing family the night before, spending hours reminiscing and putting the world to rights. The following morning was spent hugging some of the most precious people in my life. From that day to this, with the exception of some much loved new additions, those people haven’t changed.

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Grout me up Baby!

Hello Monday! Today marks the beginning of What could be a potentially an ever so stressful week. We are hoping to achieve the impossible! The mountain of House Jobs piling up around my ears is eye watering. I have absolutely no hope of getting through even the top 5, so I am now prioritising the absolute essentials that need completing/attempting before the party. As its safety first, I am endeavouring to fix the patio. I currently regret inheriting the gene I have from my ever so talented Poppa Bear aka The Bicycle Repair Man aka Bob the Builder. If Poppa can’t fix it, no one can! But very annoyingly, he is mid-build so Dora the Explorer (ie me) is having to lug exceptionally heavy tiles around, whilst YouTubing how to grout. This is not something I have attempted before, but I am going to add it to the exceptionally long list of things I have learnt how to do considering I married an accountant. Ten whole years ago on Thursday! Wowsers trousers, I cant work out if my astonishment comes from being impressed or down right shocked we’ve survived this long!

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And then there was one

The Twins are on their first residential school trip this weekend and the house is eerily quiet. We live in a constant, almost organised, chaos. I am quite an ordered person, I like straight lines, facts and my clothes to be in colour coded order (ha – long gone are those days) but since having children, I have adopted a “Spanish shrug” response to the mess and devastation they leave in their wake.

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Life Fails without pigtails.

Suncream Fails. We’ve all had them. That awful feeling when you or worse still, your baby is more well done than blue. Unfortunately for Thing 1, she has inherited my skin, suffering from the same sun affliction as I do. It doesn’t seem to matter how much sun cream is blathered on (that feeling makes me want to vom) the inherited carrot top, freckle adorned skin we share, turns from blue to pink to scarlet in the blink of an eye.

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Thank you Cancer…

For behaving. The Christie’s has finally called! And you will be pleased to know I am not in terrible shape! I can continue to Wife, Mama and waffle away at you for many moons to come! The Parenting Fails and Pigtails blog began to encourage my little brain cell to do some positive thinking, rather than just over thinking. Cancer has a funny way of creeping into your thoughts, particularly about 3am.

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